Mark McKergow

Dr Mark McKergow
International consultant, speaker and author


Dr Mark McKergow is an international consultant, speaker and author. Many people around the world have been inspired by his work in Solutions Focus – presented with his inimitable blend of scientific rigour and performance pizzazz.

He is a world pioneer in applying the pragmatic and minimal philosophy of Solutions Focus (SF) to the organisational world, and has created a global community of practitioners sharing and developing new applications; Mark has led the development of SF strategic planning, negotiation, conflict management and organisational change models, as well as being one of the world’s leading group facilitators.

With his partner Jenny Clarke, Mark edits and publishes books about SF in organisations, and is engaged in building links between SF and other post-structural approaches and academia.

His strengths in taking a wide perspective, learning rapidly, communicating, facilitating and combining a gentle touch with timely incisiveness lead to excellent results on time.

Mark was director of the HESIAN research hub at the University of Hertfordshire 2014-2017, edited the peer-reviewed journal InterAction from 2009-2016, and is an associate of the Taos Institute, USA.



Von McKergow, Mark (Autor), Bailey, Helen (Autor)
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The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change SIMPLE by Paul Z. Jackson (2006-12-14)
Von Paul Z. Jackson;Mark McKergow (Autor)
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Solutions Focus Working: 80 Real-life Lessons for Successful Organisational Change (Solutions Focus at Work)
Von McKergow, Mark (Autor), Clarke, Jenny (Autor)
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