Solution-Focused Coaching for Agile Teams

Solution-Focused Coaching for Agile Teams

A guide to collaborative leadership

Veronika Jungwirth & Ralph Miarka

Helping teams and leaders work together in fast-moving and challenging situations

  • Would you like to work better in an agile way?
  • Would you like to achieve benefits such as flexibility, productivity and adaptability?
  • Do you want practical, tried-and-tested, simple yet effective ways to build all of that, as a leader, Scrum Master, project manager or (Agile) coach?

Veronika Jungwirth and Ralph Miarka have years of experience with helping teams to work agile, and agile teams work better.  In this book they offer an accessible, detailed and practical guide to approaches, methods and techniques to help teams of all levels to work more collaboratively and effectively.

They combine the laser-sharp practice of solution-focused coaching with experience of agile environments to produce a winning combination of fresh angles on everyday situations. This book will be both a great starting point and a continuing reference source for teams, leaders and team coaches alike.

Leaders and project managers will get a very comprehensible impression of what agile principles and methods mean and how they work. For consultants and coaches, the book is a backup for their methodological toolbox. Anyone who wants to form or train agile teams will find here one of the best manuals currently available.

Berliner Morgenpost

Solution-Focused Coaching for Agile Teams 1

Veronika Jungwirth and Ralph Miarka are your ideal guides for combining Solution-Focused Coaching and Agile, two effective, pragmatic and iterative practices, into a powerful overall way not just to do work but to do it as well as possible in the most challenging of circumstances.

Mark McKergow
SFWork: The Centre for Solutions Focus at Work

What got us to where we are won’t get us to where we are going. The world has changed too much and we need fresh new thinking for the complexity we face. Our efforts now demand teams of people working together productively, effectively and joyfully. As Patrick Lencioni so eloquently stated, teamwork is a powerful competitive advantage because it is so rare. So how do we, as leaders, grow and coach effective teams? We need guides!

Veronkia Jungwirth and Ralph Miarka are two of the best. In Solution-Focused Coaching for Agile Teams, they share the wisdom they’ve gained over years of coaching in many different settings. The practical guidance they provide within these pages will make this one of the most referenced books in your library. Buy it and read it. Read it again. And again. Your professional and personal life will improve as a result.

Richard Sheridan
CEO and Chief Storyteller, Menlo Innovations

This book moves beyond the philosophical to the highly practical. You’ll find new ideas and applications about guiding and encouraging teams. You’ll also find insights and recommendations for working with team members and leaders as individuals. You’ll learn about handling team conflict and designing meetings. The RESULT model shares a great mnemonic for keeping your coaching on track.

I predict this book will become one of those critical few resources that every coach recommends to their peers. I’m happy for you. You have a head start!

Diana Larsen
Agile Fluency® Project

This book is pragmatic, full of useful approaches and techniques to help with solution-focused coaching Agile teams, and any team with a little adjustment  to context. The content reflects a great deal of experience in both Agile and Solution Focus. Though I sometimes queried if a technique is solution focused, in each case the authors present a rational case for it being so. As SF practitioners we should welcome this as it challenges our thinking on what we can apply Solution Focus to.

Even though I am experienced in Solution Focus, I found a number of new techniques and interventions to use in my work. This indicates that Solution-Focused Coaching for Agile Teams is a valuable asset for anyone using or wishing to use Solution Focus as a team coaching or individual coaching resource. I highly recommend it.

John Brooker