Guide & Leading

Solution-focused leadership is simple, safe and effective – it ensures healthy and sustainable mutual success. You can find out how it works in our courses and seminars.

Coaching & Consulting

As a confidential contact, we accompany you on the way to your best solutions and goals: in coaching, counseling sessions, and moderation of conflicts or meetings.

Agile & Solution-focused

Whether agile teams, scrum masters, product owners, or management: Agile organizations need very individual support. Here you will find the right offer for your current topics.


coaching training

Coaching training in Vienna: “Solution-focused coaching and consulting”

13 modules – 15 months – fantastic lecturers from all over Europe – a lot of practice – diverse content with foundation and depth – everything that the budding coach’s heart desires!

coaching agile teams

Leading and coaching agile teams

Promoting cooperation, avoiding resistance, using questioning techniques effectively, acting in a goal- and success-focused manner, and using existing potential, we bring these and other topics with us.

tools for solution focused team development

Tools for solution-focused team development

Highly motivated teams also achieve high goals: We have compiled and developed effective techniques and tools that make it possible to form such teams.

success through agile coaching

Success through agile coaching

Self-organization, discipline, commitment: We accompany you and your organization, or even individual teams, with experience and competence on your way to a successful agile approach.

Get to know the coaches from sinnvollFÜHREN!

Veronika Jungwirth & Ralph Miarka about themselves, their philosophy and the history behind sinnvollFÜHREN.
We complement each other as a team in many areas. We are different, but not too much. We are a couple not only professionally, but also privately and communicate with each other practically around the clock (no, it doesn't get too much for us). We spin new ideas together and make scientific findings useful and relevant for the everyday work of our customers (and our own) in a variety of ways.