Leading and Coaching agilen Teams

The training for agile leaders

Also and especially for agile ways of working, good agile leadership is a crucial factor for entrepreneurial success. In order to help people in leadership positions to lead and motivate employees and teams efficiently, we provide them with supporting tools and techniques.

Agile leadership: practical and effective

Agile teams have special characteristics and special needs. This training is intended for all those people who work with agile teams, i.e. agile coaches, scrum masters, product owners, leaders from different hierarchies in agile organizations, etc. All content has been developed according to the needs of the customers for whom we have been and are working as agile coaches, and they have also continuously adapted accordingly. This training is our number 1 product in an agile context, which is unique in this form on the market.

Coaching agile teams training content

Some particularly important contents that we work on in this training are:

„Don´t we all work solution-focused anyway?“

In coaching, solution focus is its own approach with its own attitudes and principles. The point here is not to use our valuable time for problem analysis, but rather for defining goals and finding solutions. The focus on existing resources and potentials and their use brings an invaluable advantage for achieving good results. We teach you the principles and basic attitudes of solution-focused coaching work in such a way that you can easily implement them in your everyday work life.

„Who asks, leads.“

Coaching supports people in gaining a new perspective on issues and challenges. Especially when you are confronted with something on a daily basis, it is often difficult to change your perspective. A good coach enables new perspectives on familiar things. In our training, you will learn to ask questions in a way that triggers helpful thought processes and thus support the further development of your conversation partner. Solution-focused questioning techniques thus become a valuable companion and efficient tool in many leadership situations.

Anyone who has a motivating goal is also willing to work for it. We have found that a clear and inspiring common “What for?” inspires teams to soar. It pulls in the right direction like an invisible rubber band so that difficulties that arise are easier to overcome and can even have a team-strengthening effect.

Unusual procedures often lead to uncertainties in the first step. Create a new basis of trust through transparency and openness, and lead your employees to optimal cooperation with appreciation. We will explore together how you can do this in practical, tangible exercises.

We will show you a way to significantly reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings and thus the occurrence of conflicts. You will learn and practice distinguishing “cooperative” from “uncooperative” language and expressing yourself in a more unequivocal and “cooperative” manner. Through the considered use of language, you can resolve conflicts that arise at the same time and promote cooperation in the team.

Conflicts are inevitable when people live or work together. Whether these conflicts are useful or harmful depends on how you deal with them and the conflict parties. Learn how to use the energy of conflicts for positive change and team development and how you can help to resolve conflicts in a structured way.

In an agile environment, teams work independently, which means that managers are often no longer involved in the work of the teams. Still, they are expected to conduct employee interviews, which can cause some problems. We introduce you to a tool that detects the development potential of employees. This “Solution Focused Rating System” (G. Lueger) helps you to develop further steps for the future together with your employees.

In this part of the training, you will learn how to facilitate retrospectives in such a way that goal-oriented and constructive results can be achieved. With the help of solution-focused techniques, you can encourage active participation and creative thinking in your team members – and not only in retrospect. We will show you numerous practical interventions and exercises – try them yourself.

We primarily convey techniques from professional coaching that have proven helpful in practice. We adapt all these techniques and insights individually to your individual circumstances and make them specifically usable for your topics. Of course, the offer is complemented by a lot of practical tools and tips – everything that works well in our experience and can be used flexibly in everyday life.

Solution-focused coaching methods, findings of modern brain research, result-oriented facilitation tools and Viktor Frankl’s motivation theory are just some of the diverse contents that optimally prepare you for the upcoming tasks in agile teams. Many of the tools presented will of course also be applied in practice and thus directly experienced in their effectiveness. The topics of the participants serve as a basis for practical exercises, which stimulates personal and professional development in equal measure.

This course offers a good basis for working with teams and in the company in general – for experienced managers, scrum masters, product owners, and agile coaches. Be inspired by the methods and techniques presented and achieve your self-imposed goals more easily in the future and with the active, enthusiastic cooperation of your teams.

In addition to the coaching techniques, our training also includes content from modern brain research and findings from therapy, which can support you in your work. It is important to us to support you as comprehensively as possible in your leadership tasks. Therefore, we bring together useful inputs from the different areas to create an overall concept for you.

Selected customer testimonial

Dear Veronica, dear Ralph,

Thank you very much for the intensive and extremely instructive three days.

You have impressed me in many ways. Your way of lecturing was consistently pleasant, appreciative, and ideally suited to us participants. No question, no opinion, no remark was not taken up, appreciated, or classified by you – an extraordinary achievement in my opinion. Even I in my role as a trainer take a lot from you – thank you for that!

How much you have internalized and exemplified the topics you present and bring us closer to was eye-opening for me, because you not only convey your messages and content through what you present but rather through how you present it. I already have the feeling that I have internalized much of what was discussed over the three days so that I can integrate it into my everyday life.

All in all, it was an all-around successful training session from which I took more with me than I ever thought possible.
Many thanks to both of you!

Christian Bock
Christian BockSOPHIST GmbH, Consulting & Training, March 6, 2020

Your trainers

Veronika Jungwirth

Veronika Jungwirth

Owner, Senior Coach and Trainer for Solution Focused Leadership and Communication; Master in Coaching, CSM, PSM, PSPO
Dr. Ralph Miarka

Dr. Ralph Miarka

Owner, Senior Coach and Trainer, zPM, CSM, CSPO, CSP, CTC


Place of the event

19.-21. June 2023,
with Veronika Jungwirth & Ralph Miarka

1060 Wien, Mittelgasse 4

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You can book your place in this 3-day training for € 2,475 (plus 20% VAT = € 2970).

As a participant, you will receive the book “Solution-focused Coaching for Agile Teams – A guide to collaborative leadership”, working materials as well as seminar catering on site (lunch incl. drinks, morning, and afternoon snacks as well as seminar drinks).

The training takes place with a minimum of 8 participants. The number of participants is limited to 12 so that we can guarantee optimal conditions for the practical exercises.

Do you have any further questions?

We would be happy to tell you more, call us (+43 699 17 568722) or send us  an email.

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Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to tell you more, give us a call (+43 699 17 568722) or send us an email.

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