Jenny Clarke

Jenny Clarke
solution focused coach, facilitator and trainer


Jenny Clarke first came across the SF approach in the early 1990s. She attended training courses at MRI, the Brief Family Therapy Center and BRIEF.

She is is a co-director of sfwork with Mark McKergow and has worked as a solution focused coach, facilitator and trainer.

Jenny has guided clients in energy, health, banking and finance, manufacturing, advertising and the arts. Her work has helped them bring an SF flavour to coaching, organisational development, staff appraisal, project management and implementation, training and facilitation.

She has travelled the world hosting workshops for managers, consultants and coaches. A founder member of the SOL International Steering Group, Jenny was a key member of the organising committee for the first 2 SOL international conferences and has presented at many conferences since.



Solutions Focus Working: 80 Real-life Lessons for Successful Organisational Change (Solutions Focus at Work)
Von McKergow, Mark (Autor), Clarke, Jenny (Autor)
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