Miriam Sors

Miriam Sors

Miriam Sors is a trainer for the solution-focused approach, as well as a group, team and one-on-one coach. As a former Scrum Master and Agile Coach, the topic of team development is particularly close to her heart. From her time at Erste Bank, she also brings experience in project management and reporting.

09:30 - 11:00

HowTo Host Leadership – Become a better leader and immediately start applying it in your daily challenges (Alexander A. Giurca & Miriam Sors)

What is the host leadership model and how can it be useful for my job? Let us explore together, how the movements, roles and positions of this model can make a difference for your daily business. After a short introduction of the model we will have discussions in small groups about the different aspects of applying the model. In which position do you currently spend most time? What difference would it make if you spend more time in a different position? In which role are you most comfortable?

This workshop should provide you with the basic knowledge of the host leadership model and serve a base for the other workshops.

You will immediately be able to apply the knowledge to your day-to-day challenges and step by step become a better leader!