Julia Rupp

Julia Rupp

In addition to working as a Scrum Master at the Haufe Group for several years, Julia has been a certified business coach of the DBVC (German Federal Coaching Association) since 2022. Previously, she worked in the financial industry for over 10 years in various positions and areas.
In these roles she often acts as a host and facilitates meetings and workshops of all different kinds.
When Julia is not "hands-on" working, she is primarily interested in the factors of successful teamwork and their mechanisms of action. Psychological theories, personality models and the current state of research on how people "function" are just as fascinating to her as current studies and experience reports.
True to the motto "Save enough to try", she is always trying out new approaches and methods and meets new challenges with a great deal of curiosity and a desire to experiment.

11:20 - 12:50

Host Yourself first - How your view on things changes reality (Julia Rupp)

“Your first duty is to make yourself happy. If you are happy, you make others happy too.“ (Ludwig Feuerbach)

In my role as Scrum Master and Agile Coach, I am often acting as host in numerous meeting and workshop formats. I usually fill this role with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. However, some time ago, I noticed that there were formats in which I didn't really feel comfortable, despite careful preparation. I couldn't get involved with what was happening there and felt a barrier within myself. I was not able to establish a real connection to what was happening around me. In short, I couldn't be the host I wanted to be.

Perhaps you have felt the same way before. You were looking forward to "hosting" and bringing people together and in the end, despite careful planning, it didn't feel as good as you had hoped? Often in these situations we look for the reasons in the outside world or in the things we can directly influence. But what happens when we look inward? What if in these very situations, when we fail to be the best version of ourselves, we have lost our "Echtheit" (authenticity)and our behavior no longer matches our inner self?

In my lecture "Host yourself first" I would like to open exactly this view on the inside and show you what meaning your “Echtheit” (authenticity) has for your world outside. Using practical models and exercises, I would like to invite you to understand and reflect on your foundation of authenticity. This is about more than self-care and mindfulness. It is about getting clarity about your values and attitude and creating awareness of what is working unconsciously within you.

In addition to a lot of useful theory from the field of psychology, you will be given practical exercises and reflections so that you can be a host to yourself first, before you do it for others.