Dr. Mark McKergow

Dr. Mark McKergow

Dr Mark McKergow is an international speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and director of the Centre for Solutions Focus at Work, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mark has written five books and dozens of articles on using Solution Focused ideas within organisational and coaching practice, including The Solutions Focus (with Paul Z Jackson) and Solutions Focus Working (with Jenny Clarke). His latest work is The Host Leadership Field Book (Solutions Books, 2019). Mark is widely known for his ability to connect complex ideas with simplicity in practice. He sits on the Editorial Boards of both the Journal of Systemic Therapies and the Journal of Solution Focused Brief Practice.

16:00 - 16:45

Blue work/red work works both ways: Co-participation by host leaders and teams builds more than you think (Mark McKergow)

The separation of ‘thinking’ work from ‘doing’ work has been integral to management for over a century. This distinction is being challenged, most recently by David Marquet in his book ‘Turn The Ship Around’ where he catchily refers to these as Blue Work (thinking, innovating, changing) and Red Work (doing, implementing, producing). Marquet advises leaders to share the blue work around and involve more people in it.

And… as co-participating host leaders, might it work the other way around as well? What are the advantages of leaders doing Red Work occasionally? What might it mean? How can it work effectively? Explore how Blue and Red can make an attractive pattern for organisations and teams which are both humane AND effective in this interactive workshop.