Nigel Gann

Nigel Gann

Nigel Gann taught in UK secondary education to headship level and in adult and teacher education. Through his work in four community schools, he developed an interest in changing the culture of organisations to be inclusive, diverse and developmental. He became a consultant in community development and education in 1989 and has worked with communities throughout England, Wales and abroad. Nigel has made programmes for BBC TV & Radio and published widely. He currently coaches headteachers and is secretary of Lichfield City of Sanctuary.

14:00 - 15:00
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Hospitable and Hostile Communities

This is a workshop with many questions – and a few answers. Why do some communities have a reputation for being a good host? And why are some known as hostile? Who determines a community’s hosting culture? Why does it change? How does community leadership shape its culture and display it?

From the perspective of Cities of Sanctuary UK, we will look at 3 communities: Vienna, Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in rural France, and Lichfield in Middle England. You’ll be asked to consider: What do we need to know to be a good host? And to feel a welcome guest? How does a community – and your community – present itself? What is Vienna’s reputation as a hosting city? What are its stories? What about a small French town in the Auvergne, Le Chambon-sur-Lignon? Its Story?

Lichfield in England: What is its image? How hospitable is that? How can a small group of idealists set about changing a culture? And how about the community where you live? Is there anything you would like to do to change that? What is a City of Sanctuary?